I am failing in many of my efforts to get involved in the community and meet more people, not because I haven’t tried, but because…

 “they have no room for mommy in the church”

I can’t believe it.  I attempted to get involved in MOPS (Mother’s of Pre-School Students).  It’s a great women’s church group that unites mothers of toddlers together as a support group.  But, they won’t let me in.  There is no room.  I have tried FIVE different churches in the area and they are full.  The irony is….in Houston I used to speak at MOPS events, now I can’t even get in one.   I am on the waitlist for two of them. 

We visited a new church and I tried to get into a Small Group to meet new people, but they are full until January when they start their new session. 

I tried Mother’s Day Out….full

I’m even looking into a church preschool for Emily.  The waitlist for one is TWO YEARS!  Another they make you stand outside in line at 4am to start registering your child when they open their doors at 8am. 

Does anyone else think this is CRAZY?

I thought if anywhere I could get involved and meet people it would be in a church.   Isn’t that supposed to be the welcoming place…the open door? 

The non-church organizations are actually more open.  At the Vienna Community Center when I was registering Emily for a toddler gymnastics class one mom invited me to her book club.  Now that’s what I needed. 

Sorry, I’m venting and frustrated, and feeling very alone tonight.   I guess I’m just not used to not knowing anyone and not being known by anyone.  I will learn something from this…I know I will! 

Greg took Friday off to help boost my mood.  I was down…but I am fighting…so hard to get back up….I am fighting…

Oh God…I want to find a place I can make a difference for you…just help someone let me in…