We’re getting settled and making new friends in Virginia.  It was a beautiful fall day, the leaves are changing…and falling and we’re finally starting to get used to this new life.

Emily started the day as a “mommy”, but then I found a costume on sale for $4 as a Lion!  So, she had a wardrobe change! 

We kicked Halloween off with a trip to Jammin’ Java a cool coffeehouse and live music hotspot that has bands for kids on weekday mornings!  Today “Rocknocerus”   was performing and Emily (dressed as a Lion) had a blast!  She even danced with a 3 year old boy named Zachary.  She LOVES him!  They held hands and jumped to the music together.  Zachary’s mom was pretty great too.  She really took me under her wing.  Check out the short video!

Then tonight of course it was Trick or Treating time.  It was fun this year for our little Em.  She caught on to the fact that at every house she got a “nummy” and began running up the sidewalk to go to more houses.   but she had the most fun helping Daddy answer the door for trick-or-treaters.  She loved giving the big kids lots of candy! 

I bought over 100 pieces of candy and by 8:45pm we ran out.  It is unbelievable how many families are around us.  It’s fantastic!   

 For a larger slideshow click here!

Love and miss you!