Crazy thought about our economy:

I wonder if part of the reason why we see a bit of a downward trend in the economy is because Gen X women are leaving the workforce to raise their children?  I read many new stories about the trend.  It means less income for families…less money for mortgages…etc…

Remember how all the experts talked about the tech stock bust and said the market was “correcting” itself because so many stocks were over-valued?  Maybe that’s kind of the same thing that is going on right now. 

It’s like the economy is correcting itself because of a shift in work/family balance.

I began googling about it this morning and found this interesing article from Yahoo Finance:

Yahoo Column: Gen X updates outdated work and family goals

Every generation revolutionizes something, and Generation X is revolutionizing the intersection of family and work. There’s a new emphasis on keeping families together over career aspirations, and it’s what makes me most proud to be a part of Gen X.

Generation X knows that the belief that both parents in a family can have demanding, time-consuming careers outside the home is an antiquated one. Time has shown that it just doesn’t work.

Sure, girls can grow up to be anything, and boys can start companies and become millionaires. But there’s a limitation that no one talks about: Two parents working more than 60 hours a week each is bad for the marriage and bad for the kids.

Thanks to Gen X, the power-couple-as-parents setup will likely go down in history as just another terrible idea conceived by baby boomers.

At this point, it’s clear that families are better off when one person takes care of the household full time. Statistics support this conclusion, and it’s also intuitive.

The problem is that not many people want to stay at home full time. We already did that in a widespread way in the 1950s, and the cliché of the housewife who takes valium to cope exists for a reason: Staying at home with kids every day for 20 years isn’t a first choice for most people.

Today, 60 percent of mothers say they want part-time work, which means that when you account for women who want to work full time, only a small percentage of them want to stay home with kids all day. And nearly 70 percent of men say they would consider staying home, although men who succeed at staying at home usually have some other work or significant hobby on the side.

Read the rest at Yahoo Finance.

 Ironically as I’m posting this my 19 month old daughter Emily is watching Sesame Street and sitting on the training potty!  HA HA.  I love my life!