The first time I held Emily after giving birth

What about the Mothers? 

Why are are mothers thrown away when we fail? Cast offs…banished from society.

I’m all for help for children and rescuing them when their parents enganger their lives. 

But, who’s rescuing the mothers?  Who is coming to their aid?  Who is willing to give them the counseling that they need in order to be able to fulfill their role as a mother?

This thought began a year ago or so after watching Oprah’s special on her South African school for girls.  My heart broke to hear the stories of so many who had no mothers.  They had died from AIDS, suffered from drug addiction, and were abused by men. 

I’m so thankful that Oprah came in to help these girls, but what about the mothers? 

I’m reminded of this issue after reading my celebrity news fixation of the day and the saga of Britney Spears and her sons.  It’s so sad it makes me want to cry.  She’s not just a story we read about and criticize.  She is a real mother in a real crisis.  She is endagering her children, and herself.  Save the children and save the mother. 

I find myself praying for her to get it together.  Praying for her mother, or someone, to be able to come to the rescue of those boys.  Oh God, I pray for a miracle in this family.  Save them all. 

If we made more of an effort to help both child and mother think of the healthy cycle that would trickle down in our families.  Healthy mothers…make healthy children…make healthy familes…make a healthy nation…make a healthy world.

I think I found my reason to protest.  Save the Mom.