Today’s thought curtosy of my friend Chante!


I didn’t mind it as much as Chante did.  Hey, it’s the Emmy’s, where else can you wear a dress like that?  I just thought her response was hilarious!

Most boring Emmy’s ever!  I fell asleep watching it!

Favorite moments:

  • Katherine Heigl correcting the announcer chick who mispronounced her name! 
  • Jamie Pressley’s “little engine that could” speech
  • Katherine Heigl winning and crediting it to her mother who was her date for the evening.  I totally teared up.
  • Falling asleep on my couch after the Jersey Boys performed

Favorite dress:  Deborah Messing

Debra Messing

Worst dress: Jenna Fishcer…bless her heart.  She’s so cute, it doesn’t even look like she likes the dress.  It looks comfortable though!

Jenna Fischer

Worst hair: 

Ellen Pompeo 


or Kate Walsh


Your thoughts on the Emmy’s?  Comment below!