Highlights of the trip: 

  • American History Museum items:  Marilyn Monroe’s Gloves, Abraham Lincoln’s top hat, Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers and a script from Wizard of Oz, Jackie O’s Inagural gown, and the first box of crayons
  • Real Life War Protest with a funny bus with guys on top doing acrobatic moves. 
  • Watching a cabbie ram a van full of swat team officers…they jumped out and drew their guns in front of the National Archives…it was strangely interesting.
  • Getting Lost.  Getting Lost.  And Getting Lost. There are no feeder roads, and every road changes names three times while you’re on it!  This is why GPS was put in cars, too bad our rental car didn’t have one.
  • Having a late lunch at Cafe Milano and shopping near Georgtown.  It’s supposed to be a celebrity sighting spot, we didn’t see anyone except a nice group of older ladies with well coiffed hair and Chanel suits.
  • Seeing 27 houses before finding the right one.  Sticker shock!!! 
  • Praying…Praying…and Praying for a buyer for our current home in Humble/Fall Creek.  We’re still praying!
  • Meeting Kevin Costner’s cousin in the hotel elevator.  He commented on Greg’s Jackson Hole t-shirt.  Turns out he’s been there to stay with cousin, who he proudly told us was Kevin Costner.  Hmmm……
  • Taking 2 hours to get from the airport to our hotel at 1am.  It should have taken us 20 minutes. We were so lost.  But, we circled passed the Washington Monument several times, and the Lincoln Memorial, and Georgetown…
  • Finding out that we can spend 24 hours together for 8 days  in a confined space without killing each other.  Well, we did have a few arguments…daily, but we survived!
  • Finding out our hotel charges $12.95 every day to use their wireless internet and having Greg figure out how to use our cell phones hooked up to our computers to get online. 
  • Working through the entire menu at Panera.  It was the only place near our hotel that had free wi-fi, we spent hours there pretty much every evening.