Nike Women's Air Pegasus Plus Running Shoe by NikeI really didn’t think I was going to be able to do this move today.  After a 3 hour inspection inside the home we made an offer on, with 11 items on a list that included everything from repaiving a driveway, to electrical problems, to holes in the roof, I really was ready to walk…stomp my feet on the dirt of Virginia and say NO I WANT TO STAY IN MY BEAUTIFUL HOME IN TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Greg tried to cheer me up by taking me shopping at Home Depot to look at new kitchen cabinets to update my 1964 kitchen, but it didn’t work.  We came across a very rude sales lady that pretty much said there was no way we could afford new cabinets.  That was NOT what I needed to hear!  It was a day of bad news.

Greg’s second try of cheering me up was yet another round of shopping…this one for shoes.  I left my running shoes at home.  They need to be replaced anyway because I’ve worn a hole in the heel.  We found this quaint little shop and he dragged me in.  I was in a bad mood.  As soon as we walked in, we were confronted with the well caffenated sales girl that told me, “well what we do here is I watch you walk and than diagnose what type of shoe you should wear”.  I thought are you kidding me?  I just want some cheap tennis shoes that don’t hurt my feet.  She won me over and before I knew it I was walking around barefoot in this specialty running store being “diagnosed”.  Turns out I have a high arch, wide foot (which made me feel fat), and some kind of polarization on my right foot.  I don’t think that’s the right word, but I do remember it started with a “p”. 

She was right.  She fit me with the most amazing $80 pair of running shoes (Nike Pegasus) that hopefully will last me through the next year because I won’t be able to afford another pair before than.  She didn’t just teach me how to pick out a good pair of running shoes though, she taught me how to get over hurdles.  Literally…

In Greg’s way, he found out what she was all about.  He has an amazing way of just asking questions and getting strangers talking.  She ran track for the University of Texas in Austin.  Her event is the 400 meter Hurdles.  Can you imagine that?  Running that far jumping over obstacles?  And you like it?!  She’s now graduated and is competing nationally and training for the Olympics.  She is going to make it.  She is inspiring.  She made my day.

I walked out of that feeling like I had just met a future athletic star, and feeling like I could be one too now because she picked out my shoes!  Go ahead, put a hurdle in my way and watch me leap.

So what if I just bought a home built in 1964 that costs twice as much as my home built in 2002?  So what if that home has a hole in the roof and a 43 year old electrical fuse box thingy?  So what if there are 11 items that need fixed in the home?  I can  make it over the hurdles.  All I have to do is be willing and God will make it possible for me to sail over the hurdle. 

UPDATE:  We got a call from our realtor right after we left the shoe store…the seller of the home agreed to fix all 11 items, no problem.  We even get to meet with him tomorrow to go over what items we would like them to leave in the house for us.  I want the child’s sand box! 


Here’s the text I sent to my parents:  “Good news.  The seller just agreed to fix all the problems that the inspector found!  Everytime I start to doubt all of this God turns a hurdle into level ground.” 

It’s a whole new set of hurdles in Virginia, and I have a brand new pair of shoes to sail over them!  It’s a fresh new start…I have a spring in my Nike step.

Now, if we could just sell our house in Houston!  Anyone want a 4 bedroom home in Fall Creek with an awesome home theatre, and a beautiful nursery? 


Oh God, I know you have this all planned out, please bring the family you want to our home, bless them father, let it be a sanctuary for them,  in Jesus name, Amen

Want updates on Emily?  My mother is watching her while we are in DC looking for a home.  She is blogging about their adventures! 

Check it out at Ga-Ga’s Blog

So what are the hurdles in your life that are stopping you from moving forward and ruining your day?  All God asks is that you’re willing to go over them, and he will help you fly.  Talk to Him about it, I promise he won’t let you down.  I’d love to read about the hurdles that God has helped you sail over.  Leave your comments below!