We’re in Washington D.C. looking for a home.  We’re moving here in October because my husband was transfered here.  It’s also our first trip away from Emily.  It’s been 3 days and my arms are so empty. 

I’m sure my husband is getting sick of me wanting him to hug me all the time.  I’m just so used to getting hundreds of hugs all the time from Emmie. 

It’s so cute, she flings her arms out to the side like she’s taking a flying leap off a cliff, and runs into my arms saying “Haa-uggg?” “Haa-uggg?”  I took all those hugs for granted. 

Property Photo

Property Photo

We made an offer on this house last night.  It’s older, smaller, and more expensive than our home in Houston.  But has so much charm and is close to all things fun to DC.  It’s in Vienna, Virginia.  Rated one of the best places to live in the nation, with some of the best schools in the nation. 

 It’s a miracle that we found a home built in 1964 with a media room in the basement!  That makes my husband so happy.  It’s not quite big enough for his 110″ screen, but he still gets his home theatre.   It’s walking distance from the Metro that we can ride into DC to see the Smithsonian, Air and Space Museum, and visit the Bush’s at the White House 🙂  Think I could score an invitation to the wedding?  We could even walk along this trail to a Whole Foods! 

We’ve been praying a lot right now for the couple of the home we made an offer on.  They just made a counter offer and now it’s time for us to discuss.  I’m not very good at this negotiation stuff.  My husband though is loving this process.  I’m just ready to start decorating! 

Love you and miss you,


UPDATE!  At 2:15pm we GOT THE HOUSE!  We accepted their counter offer!  OMG!  This is really happening!