Emily’s first trip to the beach:  Labor Day 2007

No fear.  No worries.  She just went for it!  She splashed in the water, ran into the waves screaming with joy, dug into the sand with her bare hands and wiped it all over her little body.   She didn’t have a care in the world.  

What an example she is to me at just 18 months.  Do I always look at something new and dive right on in with reckless abandon screaming for joy?  Saying YAY YAY WEE WEE! 

No!  Usually I avoid it, put it off, and when I’m finally forced into it, I complain and whine.  Geez…I’m annoying myself just writing that sentence! 

Here’s to diving in like my daughter and going for it!  Whatever “it” is over the next coming months, that surprises me and is unexpected, I am going to try to say YAY YAY WEE WEE!

She even met a little boy that LOVED her.  He showed off the shells he collected, his dump truck, and wanted to give Emily a hug.  That was the only thing she didn’t go after with reckless abandon.  She ran away from him when he wanted a hug.  Her Daddy was very proud!