Emily’s First Car

Emily’s First Car

One of Emily’s favorite things is The Wiggles.  She dances to it with her Daddy.  So when we walked into a The Children’s Closet, a consignment shop in Kingwood yesterday and she saw the “Big Red Car” from The Wiggles, she puckered up her little lips and said “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.  (Every word she says right now has at least 3 extra sylables for emphasis.  She’s my little drama queen). 

Once she got in and motored around like Fred Flintstone with her little feet she was hooked. There was no way she was letting me out of the store without her “Big Red Car”.  Hey, if it keeps her sitting in one place and contained for more that 5 minutes, I don’t care how much it costs! The price tag said $41 and that was used!  They wouldn’t budge at all after seeing Emily’s excitement.  They knew I was suckered into the purchase. ‘

She sat it in while I paid, and wouldn’t even get out of the car to leave the store.  I pushed her out the front door in her car and pulled her out screaming to put her in her carseat to go home.  You should have seen me trying to put the “Big Red Car” in the trunk of my little white Volvo. 

She cried the whole way saying “Go Go Go”…  She wanted her “Big Red Car”.  And that’s how Emily conviced her parents to buy her first car.  Wonder if the same thing will happen when she’s 16 and wants a real Big Red Car! 

For those of you who don’t know who The Wiggles are…check out this You Tube video: