One of the best things I’ve learned to do to treat depression is to get exercise!  A good 30 minute workout releases chemicals in your brain that actually boost your mood.  Some people call it the “runner’s high”.  I call it “my prozac”. 

I gained over 50 pounds with my pregnancy.  I lost it when my doctor pushed the scale up to that 2-0-0 notch.  I stopped looking after that moment. 

I’ve lost all the weight now, but I need some major toning.  I tend to find time for the cardio, but not the resistance training.  Emily is contained when I’m walking or jogging with her in my favorite mom must-have the BOB jogging stroller and Strollometer that tracks my speed, mileage, time, and temp.  But, it’s impossible to lift weights inside while she’s awake and running around.  I just figured out a new way to get it all done though!  The Alphabet Workout.  Saw it on Regis and Kelly!  Check it out in this video!

Here’s more ideas from Kelly on using that medicine ball at home to get ripped! Two piece bathing suit, here we come!!

Kelly’s Fitness Regime

Back, Arms & Shoulders

“Chest Pass” – passing a medicine ball back and forth between you and a partner
Chest pass with one arm – catch the ball with both hands but push it back with most of the force in one arm (focuses on the bicep)
Forcefully throw the ball down at the ground, bouncing it up towards your partner
Push-ups (use knees if needed – work your way up to traditional push-ups)

Lower back, Legs & Butt


Arms & Abs

Chest Pass while sitting on a stability ball
Sit-ups while balancing on a stability ball
Push-ups while balancing your feet on a stability ball


Always stretch beforehand
Go for a run (Kelly likes to go running with a partner – it gives you someone to talk to and helps to keep your breathing deep)
Sprint the last few yards if you’re up for it!

ABC Workout

Use a weighted ball, soup cans or another lightly weighted item that is easy to hold
Use your arms and entire body to spell out the alphabet, making large sweeping motions
See video above!