My 8 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon.  It amazes me in just 8 years how much my husband, Greg, and I have learned, and how far we have come.  The other night I was reminded at how it’s the simple things in our relationship that my husband does to love me.  It’s not about lavish gifts or elaborate acts of romanticism (which don’t usually happen with my kind and frugal hubby).  

My husband has an evening routine that used to drive me crazy because it kept me up at night.  While I’m watching Leno’s headlines trying to fall asleep, he walks around the house turning off all the lights (to save money) and making sure every door is locked and secure.  Every night.  I used to nag and say, “come on they are locked.”  He’d say, “are you sure?” 

I have stopped nagging him about it and started appreciating him for it.  I realized it’s his way of loving me and our daughter, Emily.  Just like God has hired me as a mother to Emily and a wife to Greg, God has hired Greg, as a father and husband…a protector of our family.  He loves us as Christ loves the church.  He cherises us and makes sure we are safe. 

 Greg’s focus on safety and security reminds me that God wants that for me, that He promises “not to harm me, but to have plans to prosper me and have hope for my future” (Jeremiah 29:11).   

Whether you have a “Greg” in  your life that locks all your doors or not, you have a God that will.  Follow Him, rely on Him, submit to His ways, and follow His lead, and you will be safe.