Easter Reflections…

We have BIG NEWS…stay tuned through today’s blog to find out!

We’re tired girls today after a busy Easter weekend….Emily’s now down for a nap after already soiling through 3 outfits by 11:30am.  I can tell we’re having a “Monday”.

I’m sipping hot tea and downloading our Easter pictures from my camera onto my computer this morning.  Emily had a wonderful first Easter and so did we. 

I’m also online at one of my favorite Houston websites, www.har.com, looking for houses.  We’re not moving, but my mom is! 

My mom and step-dad have decided to purchase a second home in Houston to be closer to us!  YAY!  It’s a wonderful and comforting feelilng to know that we will have family close to help us out!  They won’t live here year round…probably just in the wintertime, and escape the heat in the summer by going back to Illinois.  YAY!  This is going to be fun!  After almost 7 years of Greg and I on our own here in Houston this will be quite a change, a welcome one. 

For Easter, my sister, Meaghan, and her husband, Matt joined us for the weekend from Indianapolis, and my brother, David, and his wife, Maryanne, drove down from Dallas. 

I felt very grown up, handling Easter Brunch on my own.  Although I still had to call my mother and ask her how to hard boil eggs so we could decorate them.  Can you believe that?  I’m 30 years old and now a mother, and I didn’t know how to hard boil eggs!!! 

Here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend…

Greg and Emily on Easter Sunday before church

Emily’s easter basket.  She got 3 books and a little toy bunny. 

Emily and the bunny Aunt Meg gave her.  It’s as big as she is!

Emily cuddling up to Aunt Meg, she says, “I want cousins!”