Mother Bear

I’ve always been an outdoorsy kind of gal.  Even before I could walk my Dad would take me hiking in the mountains with me on his back.  As I grew up he would always caution me about what to do in case I met a wild animal on the trail.  The most dangerous, he said, was a Mother Bear and her cub.  If you come across one of those…you better calmly walk the opposite direction, because if she thinks your threatening…she’ll attack. 

I understand how she feels!!!!

You know you’re a new mom when…you take your baby outside in a stroller covered in a mosquito net! 

Today, I actually got in 45 minutes of exercise and did some gardening in my front yard!  I loved every minute of it.  Emily joined me outside with the gardening.  I’m sure my neighbors though I was a little silly though.  I had her in her stroller, strapped in of course, with the hood down to shield her from the sun, and a massive mosquito net that encompases the entire thing.  You have to worry about West Nile you know! And everytime I had to walk back in the house to get something, she went with me.  I pushed the big stroller inside with me, because of course she can’t possibly be left alone outside for 30 seconds!  Someone might take her!  I was seriously concerned with that! 

I love this protective mother instinct that has kicked in.  Poor Greg he even gets driving lessons from me, with the powerful guilt-inducing comment:  “Your daughter is in the back, drive SLOWER!”  Of course it’s always in a calm loving voice…yeah right.   

I have to protect such a precious girl like this!  Enjoy the pics!  These are her One Month photos….

Emily’s one month photo.  Taken in a vintage dress that I wore as a newborn