Rainy Day

I felt like a horrible mother yesterday!  Around 11am I decided it was time for Emily and I to go on a walk.  I’m trying to walk every afternoon to get my body back in shape.  Funny, I used to run 4 miles before I was pregnant, now walking for 40 minutes seems to be so much effort.

Anyway, back to my story.  It was a little chilly, so this determined new mom bundled up her little girl, got her hooked up, cell phone in her pocket, her blue tooth hands free thingy in her ear, and strapped Emily snuggly into our trusty new stroller and set out on an adventure.  I turned the corner and was almost out of our little neighborhood and hmmm…don’t you know I felt a few little rain drops.  So, not wanting to back down from a good exercise (after writing in my journal that I promised to stay in shape) I kept on going thinking, it’s only a little liquid sunshine.  Plus, Emily is so totally covered between her car seat hood and the stroller hood, plus the mosquito netting around the stroller, she’s so air tight she won’t even notice. 

Then…the piddle piddle of rain turned into more of a pat pat pat…then patpatpatpatpat…then the big SWOOSH!  I screamed…immediately turned my stroller around and took off in a mad dash to the closest shelter…my neighbor and friend Roxanne who is also home with a new baby and on maternity leave. 

As I rounded the corner I noticed a car full of landscapers chuckling at me…I didn’t care.  I was on a mission to protect my precious little princess!  I rounded the bend to Roxanne, and another casualty, my cell phone fell out of my pocket and SMACK right into the middle of the street in a developing puddle.  Scream number 2 came out and I frantically put the stroller in reverse…gotta save my RAZR! 

Then not to waste time on sidewalks I went off-roading with the Graco stroller cutting through yards…praying the whole time to stave off the storm God.   I sprinted to Roxanne’s safe front porch…I rang the door bell so rudely barging in on another new mom that hasn’t had much sleep either.  I entered the door huffing and puffing pleading for shelter!  Sweet Roxanne and her mom sheltered me and calmed me down until noon when I finally made it home. 

Heaven forbid by wit-el-bay-bee get one drop of rain on her!  We might stick to the treadmill today…although…the sun is coming out and Emily has her tennis shoes on! 

Or maybe she should wear her muck-lucks…