We had a bad day…SO WHAT…it’s over…and we’re movin’ on!

I’m back!  My smile and my optimism is back today!  Emily even smiled too!  We’re all better.  Thanks for your suggestions and your prayers, we got through the dreaded “e” word and we’re stronger for it!  It’s wonderful to be able to move on from a bad day and wake up to sunshine outside and in your heart. 

Today has been a good day!  It’s sunny, Emily is one month old, and she smiled at me!  Okay, so maybe she was filling her diaper at the time, but she smiled!  I caught the whole thing on video too…just the smile…not the diaper filling  . The above picture is a frame a captured from the video.  This has been the most fun month of my life!  I’m glad I’m not sleeping 8 hours in a row, think of the things I would miss! 

You know that you’re having a lot of fun when your laundry room starts to explode.  This picture on the left is what my laundry room looks like at this very moment!  Boy am I honest with you! I’m so glad that I’m not overcome with guilt of how much is piling up…although my mother would be appauled!  In fact, I’m actually proud of this out of control laundry room!

To me, every time I walk by it or add something to the top of the pile, I’m reminded that I’m too busy for that house cleaning nonsense, I’m spending time with my little girl.  I’m nursing her, she’s getting all the nourishment she needs from my body.  I’m rocking her to sleep, reading to her, staring at her, and taking hundreds of pictures.  I’m emailing photos to friends, and editing a video of her birth and first few days of life.  These things are more important then folding laundry!  It all reminds me of an old cross-stitch thing my mom used to have framed an hung up on the wall.  It said…

“Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

Yes!  Freedom!  Women of the world unite!  Stop putting on a front of cleaning perfection and enjoy life.  Whether you’re a mother, grandmother, single woman or married without kids.  Stop being a slave to your home…afraid of what others would think if they came by and saw dishes piled up in your sink or your bed unmade.  Wouldn’t you rather go out on a walk on this beautiful day experiencing God’s creation?  How about meeting a friend for lunch or dinner and talking about your dreams until the places closes down.  Or go out dancing with your husband…read a great book that inspires you! 

Together now…let’s laugh at that pile of laundry…we have much better things to do with our lives!

Like watching March Madness….here’s a pic of Emily in an Indiana University sleeper watching college basketball with her Daddy!