Everything was going so well…and then the dreaded “e” word…engorgement.

Honestly, I’m writing this today to ask for your help.  I know what to do to treat this, I’ve got that covered, but I really could use your prayers today.  I feel like the weather today.  Gloomy. 

Yesterday we decided that we were ready to take Emily to church for the first time.  So, I prepared to have a bottle ready for her in case she got fussy in the service.  She did great, so we thought maybe we could squeeze in another hour and go out to lunch.  I was really craving Katz’s Deli.  I just love that place, it reminds me of home. 

Because of the extended “outing”, I woke up last night in between feedings in so much pain all I could do was cry.  I seriously thought I had a tumor.  I think I really freaked Greg out.  We got out all the books and I’m now on a plan to get rid of this, but today, I am fighting that depressed feeling  I’ve had about 2 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours, I’m just so uncomfortable. I always try to be so encouraging and positive, but today it’s hard. 

Thanks in advance for your prayers…

Love, Amanda and Emily