I feel like the happiest girl in the world!  Things are going very well.  Emily is sleeping and eating well, and is the apple of her parent’s eyes.  She has her Daddy wrapped around her tiny fingers!

This is the first time I’ve “logged on” to the internet since Emily arrived!  That has to be a record for me.  It’s true, having a baby really does change your life!  Sappy sentiments are coming soon, I’m working on writing about my experiences, but first MORE PICTURES!  I just can’t help sharing my beautiful daughter with you! 

The happy car ride home!

Getting ready for a diaper change…

The Little Princess…

Basking in the sun…to cure her Jaundice

Daddy passed out on the nursery floor…pen in hand…tracking Emily’s feedings, poops, and pees.

3 generations asleep together. Grandma is holding Emily…and me!

Homecoming…our neighbors and friends decorated the house for us!  The stork is holding a bundle that has all Emily’s birthdate, weight, and length!  So cool!

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and emails, I am overwhelmed by your love.  I’ll write more about my experiences soon.  But, Emily is hungry!!!!