Tomorrow is the day Emily will be born! 

I went to my regular check up today and my doctor decided we should induce in the morning.  Emily just doesn’t have enough amniotic fluid around her.  I would really appreciate your prayers tomorrow as we bring her into the world! 

This isn’t exactly how I imagined “labor day” would go.  I imagined waking up my husband, Greg, in the middle of the night and saying “honey, it’s time!” And then we frantically race to the hospital. 

But, God knows me so well! He has a better plan!  He knows that I am a planner and that I don’t do well with surprises.  So, he gave me a 12 hour “heads up”. 

After my doctor’s appointment today, my mom, husband, and I made a flurry of phone calls giving everyone the news, made one last stop to Babies R Us, and the pharmacy and headed home for dinner.  I was supposed to relax…it took a while. 

I was so keyed up my poor husband and mother got a bunch of last minute orders barked at them.  When they didn’t respond quick enough…I even pulled weeds out of the front yard in the dark.  Man it’s cold tonight!  That’s crazy!  My mother had to look me right in the face and tell me to stop.  So, I had ice cream as my last meal, and sat down to watch “24” on TV.  Now, I’m just sitting in bed trying to feel tired.  Oh I hope I can sleep some tonight! 

Emily is coming tomorrow.  Her birthday will be February 21st.  Tomorrow, I will officialy become a mother. 

Oh Lord, help me be ready for all of this. Thank you for promising to always be by my side, never let me forget that tomorrow.  Hold my hand…

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can!