2 centimeters down, 8 more to go! 

Started to make some progress at my doctor’s appointment today!  Amazing, I never thought the day would come that I would be looking forward to these appointments and excited with the news! 

It’s a total different reaction then I expected.  Even Greg is moving out of denial and looking forward to this.  Last night, he looked over at me and said:  “I can’t wait to hold Emily!”  That’s a big change from his original thought that for her first week the only person allowed to hold her was my mother since she has experience!

What a metamorphosis our lives have been through over the past nine months.  We went from enjoying our life as a couple to not feeling complete without this baby in our home.  It’s strange, we just don’t feel right, because she’s not here yet!  God is so amazing at how he uses these nine months to create this beautiful human being, and create parents out of two independent people like us. 

Thank you God for the ability to create new life in Emily, and in Greg and I!