Almost 30 weeks pregnant now….only 71 days to go…and I’m SO not ready! 

I’m fretting everything…

Worrying about the vallence that I ordered that’s sewn up the middle so I can’t put a curtain rod through it…HELLO! 

Worrying about the slipcovered glider I ordered 8 weeks ago that still hasn’t arrived…what in the world takes so long?

Worrying about how in the world I’ll find the right sage gingham ribbon for the “emily” letters I ordered and will soon hang over the crib…I’ve been to Hobby Lobby and they didn’t even have the right color!

Worrying about how to organize the pile of baby clothes sitting on top of the dresser until I have the energy to buy Dreft to wash them…

Worrying about how in the world I’m supposed to host Christmas for my Dad, Step-Mom, and Grandmother when I’m 7 months pregnant and all I really want to do is sleep. 

Worrying about the fact that I still haven’t found a pediatrician…How do you do that?  Do they have like sample interview questions on the internet?

Worrying that I still have to sign up for a Lamaze class, but I work every weeknight until 7pm and they all start at 6:30pm!  Do they make that on a DVD?

Worrying that never again will my stomach be flat…

Worrying that I won’t be able to shave my own legs or paint my own toenails ever again…It’s a scary thought to see what my toes would look like if Greg painted them!

Worrying that soon all I will fit into are my husband’s pajama pants…they’re comfortable…but come on…I can’t go to work wearing polar bear print, or dogs wearing santa hats. 

Worrying…that this weird gurgling noise that’s coming out of my esophogas when I lay down to sleep at night is totally repulsing my husband…I mean what is up with that?

Worrying that I haven’t read enough baby books yet…I haven’t even bought the one about teaching sign language yet!  All I do is get home from work and fall asleep on the couch!  Can’t they put it on a DVD?

And finally, worrying about how in the world I’m going to put away all these Christmas decorations come January when I’m 8 months pregnant!  What was I thinking? 

Okay Okay…so I’m a bit of a drama queen lately.  I know what God says about worrying…that you shouldn’t do it and cast your cares upon Him.  I’m trying!!  

But,  He gave me these hormones…what does He expect me to do with them? 

Suddenly, I feel better…thanks for letting me vent…

Love ya!


Here’s the bedding set for Emily’s crib. 

This is the pic from the company’s website…soon I’ll upload pics of what it looks like in the nursery…as soon as I get it done! 

Although I do have the same crib, so it gives you the idea.

The theme is “vintage baby”