New pictures! 

Liz Jordan took some pictures of Greg and I for our Christmas cards a couple of weekends ago!  I thought you might like to see them!  She’s an amazing friend and an amazing photographer. 

The one on the left is the one we chose to send to our family for Christmas. 

Everyone warned me of this, but I can’t believe how fast time has gone by with this pregnancy.  I’m now in the THIRD trimester!  Woah!  So far this pregnancy has been pretty free of complications.  My asthma is under control now.  My doctor has said I’m anemic, so I’m taking iron supplements.  But, I feel pretty good.  Besides having to have Greg’s help getting up from the couch, I’m doing great! 

I just can’t wait to hold Emily in my arms.  I dream of rocking her to sleep late at night…

Here are some more that I know will end of framed on our walls…

Thank you so much for your help in choosing Emily’s middle name!  I’m so honored at all your recommendations and ideas!  I love the idea of using “Faith”, “Hope”, or “Grace”.  We’ve also thought of “Emily Rose” or “Emily Kathryn”.  Kathryn is my mother’s name, so then she would be named after both!  We have been looking for a name on Greg’s side, but I think we’re saving that for a boy.  His family immgrated from Germany when his mother was a child.  Her name is Gertrud, and his grandmother is Olga!  Enough said…

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I promise to blog more! 

Love ya!