Middle name drama…It looks like Emily’s middle name will be changing…

So, I traveled home this past weekend to Illinois. I flew into Chicago, then drove to my hometown, Bloomington, Illinois.  My sister and her husband also met me there from Indianapolis, and my little brother, Bryant, came home from college for the weekend.  It was just like old times. 

We have lots of family that lives in that area, and it was fun getting to see everyone.  They all wanted to see how “big” I’ve gotten. Especially, my Great Aunt “Dolly”.  She is 86 years old and made a special trip to my mom’s house to make sure she brought over the FIRST gift for Emily.  She is my Grandmother’s sister, so she is very special to us. She is our closest connection witih our Grandmother.  Our Emily is very special to her as well.  Her gift was the cutest pink princess outfit ever.  It came with a hat, shirt, pants, and socks…each piece had a rhinestone crown on it, expect the shirt that said “Princess” in of course, rhinestones! 

Aunt Dolly and I got to talking about the name we picked out.  She gave us her “official permission” to use her sister’s name, then mentioned that, my Grandmother never liked her given middle name.  WHAT?!  I couldn’t believe it.  Aunt Dolly, said she never liked the middle name “Alice” and was always embarassed of it for some reason.  She eventually changed it to her maiden name “Marker”.   On top of that, Greg, is not exactly sold on it either.  So, we’re now in “discussions” of what to do next.  I’m still not sold on changing it, but am thinking and talking about it with Greg. 

What a drama…

Love ya!