Emily at 20 weeks

Here is a 3D image from our Ultrasound on Monday.  You can see her profile and a hand in front of her face.  Isn’t technology amazing?  Now we can get a glimpse of what our child looks like before she is even born. 

I feel so different now that I call our baby by name.  I’m able to connect with her even more, dream bigger, and pray for her by name. 

It was almost as fun telling our friends and family and even making the announcent on KSBJ that we’re having a girl…as it was when we announced we’re pregnant!  I loved hearing the tears and the screams of joy on the other side of the phone and the radio. 

My friend, Roxanne, even gave me a cute t-shirt with pink sleeves and a big pink girl symbol right on the tummy!  I wore it out yesterday and got a ton of smiles.  Now, I just can’t seem to stop finding pink things to wear! 

Greg did the sweetest thing on Monday night.  He made me dinner and bought me a card.  He always picks out the biggest cards with the most glitter on them.  It’s so cute.  The card had a cute little poem about having a baby girl and inside it had a pink bib with a bunny rabbit on it.  Under the bib, Greg had written,

“You were my first baby girl.  I’m excited to now have a second one.” 

I melted, cried, and gave him a big bear hug.  I felt so loved.  Now, I’m slightly afraid I’ll have some competition for his attention though!   

Love ya!