IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing experience Greg and I and my entire family had today. I had my 20 week appointment at the doctor today.  That means I’m halfway through the pregnancy now and progressing very well! 

That’s all great news, but I have to admit I was more anxious to find out the sex!  And Greg was just as excited.  He brought along his new cell phone so he could take a video of the whole thing. 

As soon as they told us I started to cry and Greg said, “Well, I guess I’m going to have to pay for a big wedding after all!”  Seriously though, he is absolutely thrilled and so am I. 

I’ve been tettering back and forth between two different names for a girl, and as soon as they said, “It’s a girl!” I knew that I would name her after my Grandmother. 

Grandma “Emmy” as I called her, made an incredible impact on my life.  She taught me how to love unconditionally, paint my nails, always dress appropriately, and never ever go out of the hosue without my “face on” (even to the grocery story).  She came alongside my mother when she was newly divorced and helped her care for my sister and I.  She picked us up from school when my mom was working, she cooked us dinner, and even let me watch Young and the Restless with her when I was sick and staying home from school.  

Grandma “Emmy” passed away almost 3 years ago now this month.  I remember when she was in hospice care and couldn’t speak.  She knew we were there with her, and she was just hanging on to this world, but it was time for her to go to the next..  I remember telling her it’s okay, I talked to her about what heaven would be like and told her I thought God would have a “cozy cottage” waiting for her with all of her family photos hung on the walls.  I even asked her, if she could pick out her great-grandchildren and kiss ’em on the lips, so when I kiss my baby on the lips as soon as, I know I will be kissing her too. 

That’s why, in the moment, I found out we’re having a girl, I knew her name would be my Grandmother’s name, Emily Alice

Thanks so much for sharing this joy with me.  I would also appreciate your prayers.  My doctor got pretty serious with me on this visit about my asthma flare up.  It’s gotten intense now that I’m pregnant, and I can’t seem to stop coughing.  Please pray that I respond well to this round of medication and stop coughing.  Asthma can cause low birth rate and some pretty big complications for me too.  Plus, I struggle through my 4pm-7pm air shift on KSBJ.

Thanks.  Love you!


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Today’s the day! 

We have an ultrasound this afternoon and hope to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl.  I’ve been so focused on this “event” though that I’m turning very absent minded on every day things. 

A couple of days ago…I put away the orange juice in one of my kitchen cabinets instead of the refrigerator!  My husband found it the next morning!  On Friday, I left a carton of eggs out all day long! I also went to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, only to find out it was actually on a Sunday!

Greg, was so concerned that over a dinner this weekend he gave me tips and ideas on how I can think more carefully and move at a slower pace so I don’t forget so much!  He’s just worried! I’m just focusing on more important things like where my next meal will come from and where is the closest bathroom at all times!

How about those Astros?!  What a game yesterday!  We watched the whole thing.