Giving in…

I realized something about myself…that my mother, sister, father, and husband have told me for years…I’m stubborn.  I just refused to give in to this sickness that I’ve been fighting for over a week now.  It wasn’t going to stop me, I was going to keep working, I never take sick days. 

Never say never.  After 2 days at home now, I’m realizing they were right, I’m stubborn.  So, after multiple pleas from my mom and hubby…I gave in, took sick days, and called my doctor.  Now, I’m  finally on a path towards being able to breathe normally.  Thanks for being patient with me…sorry I wasn’t with you during your “drive home” the past couple of days. 

I went in to see the nurse practitioner at my doctor’s office today and found out I have a wicked sinus infection.  Now, I’m on a round of antibiotics and she gave me some good cough medicine!  Plus, Liz Jordan made me go get some good ‘ol fashioned Vicks Vapo-rub

I also learned something new about the pregnant body and coughing this week…hmmm…how can I put this…let’s just call it “bladder issues”. 

Well…let’s add another “mom lesson” to the list.  It’s not about “me first” anymore…Baby comes first! 

Have a great weekend! 

Love ya