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Getting Ready for Baby: The Ultimate Organizer for the Mom-To-Be
By Helene Tragos Stelian
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So, I’m sitting at my desk trying to fit in lunch between meetings…sipping decaf hot tea to soothe my sore throat, and ready to dig in to my Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Salad from Sonic.  I know it’s fast food…but at least it’s a salad. 

I’m pressed for time today, but had to write to tell you I had my first “boy how time flies” mom thought today.  This morning, I was looking at my growing belly in the mirror and realized I’m already over 4 months pregnant.  I’m just about 17 weeks…so that means…I’m almost in my fifth month!  This is going by too fast!  You warned me about this.  I got lots of emails of women telling me how quickly this whole experience would pass by.  You were right!

The problem is I bought this new book, “Gettting Ready for Baby Organizer”.  It’s full of lists of things (I should have done by now), and planning tips for the future that seem extreme.  I’m already starting to feel inadequate just reading the thing!  Do I really need to get Pediatrician recommendations already?   

I immediately started worrying (another mom trait) because I haven’t even done half the things on the list, I haven’t even bought the crib yet!  I still need to clear out all the junk in the spare bedroom to make room for the crib and the changing table!  I have to pick out paint colors…baby proof the house…Yikes!  Greg and I have a lot of work to do this weekend! 

Back to my salad and my new “mom thoughts”…The book is going back in my purse!  Next thing you know and this baby is in college!!!!!  AHHH!  Do they have a planning book for that?

Love ya!