Okay!  Okay! 

So, my litle sister, Meaghan, is on me now to update more often.  She lives in Indianapolis and has a very busy job so it’s hard sometimes for us to reach each other.  I miss here so much!  We joke that we’re the only two people in the world that completely understand each other.  Since together we went through the whole…parents divorce…move…get remarried…now we have step-brothers saga.  We were there for each other during the whole thing.   Anyway, she just emailed me yesterday telling me that she and here husband log on to read this blog. It was so encouraging…because sometimes I think…Am I writing to myself? She writes…

“I want you to know that every day Matt and I sit down to look at your baby blog to see if there is a new entry. We just love it!  It is like my favorite part of the day!  We find ourselves reading entries that we have already read just so we can feel like we’re right there with you.  I was mad between August 29th and September 8th though.  I know you were busy, but your fans are waiting!  Just kidding.  I hope I can come see you soon.”

Okay Meg, just for you…even if I have nothing particularly funny or compelling I will update just to tell you what’s going on…since you never answer your cell phone!  Sorry–just a little sibling rivalry there…seriously though I love her to pieces!

I have a cold!  I’ve been nursing this head cold all weekend and am starting to get really frustrated with it!  It’s no fun being pregnant and sick.  After watching Lakewood services online this morning (since I couldn’t bare to get off my couch) I was encouraged.  I am going to believe in feeling better!  I’m just going to start acting like I feel good instead of moping around on my couch with my kleenex and remote control! 

I have too!  We’re expecing friends to come over and watch the Texans game with us in about an hour and it’s time to put the pizza in the oven!  Please pray for my strength, and attitude during this cold.  Poor Greg says I’m a little irratible!  I think he’s right! 

I do have some good news though.  I found out another friend and neighbor of mine is expecting her first child!  As soon as she told me I ran back home and loaded her up with my leftover morning sickness lifesavers…”preggie pops”…they’re the best little things ever! 

Now we have this little trio of pregnant girls in my neighborhood walking together…and dreaming about raising our kids together.  How special this is!  Pray for Ashley as she is just starting her first trimester and has all the worries and sickness coming up.  

Have a wonderful day and GO TEXANS…

Love ya!