I’ve never before been so excited to go to the doctor in my life! 

I used to dread my annual “female” visit, but now I can’t wait to go see my OB…because that is the only place I can literally see an image of my baby!  It just makes it so real when you get that ultrasound.

I even had a dream about it last night.  Just about the time that my doctor was ready to “wand” my tummy, my alarm went off! 

I could use your prayers this week for extra energy.  I’m pulling what we call “split shifts” in radio.  I’m working both the Morning Show and the Afternoon Show.  So, my alarm goes off at 4am…I’m at work from 5am-9am…then at home…then back again from 3pm-7pm.  It’s a full day, but I love what I get to do every day for God!

Love ya!