A case of the “huff-and-puffs”….

This is Greg’s new term for me, “huff-and-puff”.  Last night, let’s just say, I was experiencing the common pregnancy symptom of irrationality.  I don’t know what caused the switch, but as soon as I got home last night from work, I was not the ususal joyful wife that my husband is used to!  

Everything he did annoyed me.  I was cooking some porkchops on the stove for dinner, and he decided to help and make a healthy portion of steamed broccoli.  Usually a wonderfully thoughtful thing for a husband to do, but for some reason it annoyed me.  He put it the bag in the microwave and it smelled funny.  I didn’t like it at all and let him know.  I said to him , “what…you don’t even think I can’t even cook a meal by myself now!”  Poor guy.  He handled it well…just looked at me with raised eyebrows and kept going….

Then, after dinner (the broccoli was wonderful by the way, he put cheese on it) I was sitting down on the couch watching TV, and Greg had the nerve to come into the kitchen and get ice out of the fridge.  Doesn’t he know how loud that thing is? I’m trying to watch a show!!!!  Poor guy!  He just called me ” his little huff-and-puff” and went back to his office to play a video game.  I guess fighting elves and two-headed monsters on the computer is easier then dealing with his pregnant wife! 

Praying…that soon, I’ll get the cry-at-everything pregnancy symptom instead of the mad-at-everything one…