Hint for today’s ID the PC clue:  look at the bottom right hand corner of this page for a “Pregnancy ticker” to find out my due date.

    Thank you!  I have been blown away, inspired, and encouraged by your calls, emails, and gifts!  To the left in the picture are two wonderful gifts I’ve received from listeners.  Handmade baby booties and a handmade journal!  I don’t have your addresses to send you a thank you note, so hopefully you’ll understand my poor etiquette and this will suffice.  I love them!  I will treasure each one!  THANK YOU! 

 I had a moment over the weekend, one of those God moments that brought me to tears.  I was listening to a CD that Liz Jordan (evenings on KSBJ) gave me.  It was an old Amy Grant song called “Saved by Love.”  It’s about a woman who suddenly realizes her simple life really is having it all!  Here are some of the lyrics: 

It’s not like she misses being younger,
Though she never was in Vogue magazine or on TV;
Her husband loves her dearly,
And the morning shows her clearly,
Kisses her little baby girl.
 Laura, she’s the queen of the world.

With tears streaming down my face I realized God has given me everything I’ve asked Him for and dreamed up.  He’s granted it to me!  I feel like I’m his favorite. 

We all are though.  Every single one of us, he promises to “give us the desires of our heart”.  I’ve heard from many women that are having infertility issues and struggling with becoming pregnant.  I understand.  It took us 1 full year to accomplish this miracle.  And in the end, although at times I grew impatient, the timing is perfect. 

If God didn’t hesitate to put everything on the line for us, embracing our condition and exposing himself to the worst by sending his own Son, is there anything else he wouldn’t gladly and freely do for us? Romans 8:32 (The Message)

God wants to make your dreams come true, after all He’s the one that gave you those dreams.  As Pastor Joel Osteen says “Dare to Believe”.  Dare to expect the best, after all that’s what God promises to give you!

Have a wonderful day (and I hope you win a laptop this week from KSBJ)!