My blended family

From left to right:  My Mom, Stepdad Dave, me, my husband Greg, my sister Meaghan, Meaghan’s husband Matt, my step-brother Bryant, and his girlfriend, Haley. Not pictured, my other step-brother, David and his wife Mary Anne (They were on their honeymoon when this was taken in May).

I’m a little down today.  My mom left to go back to Illinois this morning.  She has to go back to take my youngest brother, Bryant, back to college for the fall.  He goes to my alma mater, Indiana University.  She is driving, so I’d appreciate your prayers for her. 

She’s been visiting for the past week and it’s been wonderful!  I didn’t realize how much a 29 year old can miss her momma!  I just talked to her on her cell as she was crossing from Texas into Louisianna and we joked at how today’s separation was harder then dropping me off at college the first time!  It’s just different now that I’m expecting. 

We’ve always been close.  I’m the oldest, I have a younger sister and two younger step brothers.  Mom and I have very similar interests, but things were really solidifed in my sister, mom and I’s relationship during the years that she was a single mom.  We clung to each other, shared everything, and laughed through dinners in our small apartment.  Even though my sister and I had to share not just a room, but a bed, we still found ways to stay happy and enjoy life over our inexpensive macaroni and cheese dinners.  It’s funny, those years must have been very difficult on my mom, but I look back fondly…they’re some of my favorite times of my childhood.  They were simple and full of love.  That’s all a child needs isn’t it? 

Missing my momma,