I’m still here!  Really!  I’ve been working double shifts this week and my schedule is not normal so I haven’t had as much time to blog lately.  I have been filling in for Susan on The Morning Show from 5am-9am and then back again in my regular slot on the afternoon show from 4pm-7pm.  It’s fun filling in for Susan, but it’s also pretty tiring. 

In the meantime I’ve been going home in between the two shoes and napping, hanging out with my mom, and I even did a little more shopping.  It’s been nice, the work schedule has actually given me more time to spend with my mom who is still visiting from Illinois.  She’s taught me how to make homemade bread (no breadmaker involved), she has organized every single closet and drawer in my house, and we bought our first piece of furniture in the nursery! 

We have 6 months to go for the baby, but are getting everything in my house organized and in “ship-shape” so we’ll be ready for baby! 

More later!

Love ya!