All is right with the world! My Momma is coming!

I’ve had a tough day today.  There must be some major growth going on my little bambino, because I am exhausted!  I didn’t even have the energy to dry my hair today.  I came to work looking like a wet rat!  Oh well, I have the best excuse in the world I’m pregnant! 

But, I just got a major energy boost.  While driving back to work from my lunchtime nap at home my mom (pictured at left) called and told me she is on her way to Houston.  She lives in Bloomington, Illinois and is driving to Houston today!  YAY!  Please pray for her safe travel.  She is driving alone.  I’m 29 years old about to be a mother myself in 6 months, and I still need my momma! 

I’m just so thankful, now maybe my husband will get a home cooked meal and have a clean shirt to wear to work! 

Thank you God for Mom’s like mine, and I pray that I can be just like her! 

BTW:  This is one of my favorite pics of my mom, I took it at my brother, David’s, wedding in May.  Isn’t she beautiful!